Prices, Terms and Conditions

Our gross prices are determined by mutual agreement according to the certain orders, needs for translation and interpretation.

Our further general conditions:

1. Translation: Normally, our prices are determined according to the number of characters of the target language, or to the value of the document per pages.

Texts of special professional terminology are charged by 25% extra price. In case of texts over 100 pages significant discount is offered.

In order to reach the highest quality possible, for texts of special professional terminology please specify the adequate literature and provide opportunity of consultancy for our colleagues, if it is possible. We don't undertake the responsibility for any consequences, damages derived from unclear determination of special terminology.

2. Interpretation: Our agreed fees include the fee of every started hour, and the costs evolving from travel and stay. Interpretation fees on conferences, fairs etc. are determined by individual agreement.

3. Proof-reading: 50% of the translation fee according to deadline.

4. Payment: Having not arranged differently, the Customer pays 50% of the pre-calculated fee at the time of the agreement, and the rest is to be paid within 8 days after completing the service.

In case of late or missed payment, the Translation Agency is entitled to charge the Customer with overdue fee equal to the double of the actual interest rate of the central bank, for further matters not regulated herein the Hungarian Civil Code is to be applied.